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There is no one in the region with more experience and success in Junior Girls Golf than PGA Professional Eric MacCluen! Eric MacCluen Golf offers many options for girls to learn the game of golf and gain confidence with their skills in order to play well on the course. EMG has the proven experience to transform young girls into competitive college players and beyond. Whether your daughter wants to play competitive golf or just wants to have fun, this is the place to be for girls golf!


Golf Programs Available for Girls

Below is a list of the various programs and lesson opportunities we offer. Complete details of these programs are available on the Junior Programs page.

  • Private Lessons for all skill levels!

  • Little Linkster Playdates (Ages 4-6),
    May~September at Applecross CC

  • Junior Clinics (Beginner to Intermediate Golfers) Ages 7 & up

  • "Just for Girls" Specialty Camps available throughout the summer!

  • New! Players Program (Intermediate to Advanced Golfers) Ages 10 & up,
    5 or 10 On-course sessions, Weekends (early in the am) starting in June
    10 Short Game Sessions, Wednesdays at 5:30-7:30pm, June ~ August

  • Beginner to Intermediate Fall "Travel Golf" League
    Available Sundays in September~October
    Taking the first 40 registrants... we fill up every year so don't miss out!

  • Additional golf lesson opportunities for girls through the Girls Golf Revolution
    and other local sports venues are available throughout the year.

Think College Scholarships

More than 60 female students have received golf scholarships to college. Auburn, Wake Forest, South Carolina, South Florida, Wisconsin, Tulsa, Michigan State, Maryland, James Madison & MANY more!


“I swear our daughter is always happy when she comes home from golf class! Thanks so much Eric for always encouraging her.” ~ Parent


“We’ve been members at different clubs in the area for more than twenty years. Rarely have we seen more than one girl in any class at the other clubs. At Applecross it’s different. Here it’s 50/50 and sometimes more girls than boys. Sometimes I can’t believe my eyes. It has been absolutely great for my daughter.” ~ Parent



Eric MacCluen is one of the original 13 teaching professionals in the
United States to receive the "Top 50 Kids Master Teacher" award.
This is the highest honor a golf instructor can receive from US Kids Golf. These Master Kids Teachers are honored for their perpetual efforts in growing the game of golf among kids.


Girls Golf Revolution

Eric MacCluen has set out to make golf more accessible to girls in our area. Eric's goal of raising funds and beginning a organization that would change the course for girls in golf is quickly becoming reality. In February 2014, Girls Golf Revolution (GGR) was established as a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization with an enthusiastic group of parents as well as community leaders who came together to create a board of directors and infrastructure for the foundation. Promoting the game of golf to girls through free clinics, school gym classes, and similar activities is just the beginning of the opportunities being introduced by the Girls Golf Revolution. To learn more about this foundation you can read the complete article "Charting a New Course for Girls in Chester County" published in The Women's Journal; please click here

FREE Girls programs available throughout the year:

We are offering these programs to all interested beginner to intermediate female golfers in grades 6~10 in hopes of starting girls golf teams at many of the local high schools. If you are already attending or will go
to any of these schools you are eligible to participate in this program: Bishop Shanahan, Coatesville, Downingtown East and West, Henderson, Owen J. Roberts, Rustin, Unionville, West Chester East.

Program Schedule:

All classes will currently be held at Applecross Country Club. The planned days and times are listed below but may change with the golf season. Please be aware that there may also be a date or two that we cannot hold class due to a conflict. You do not have to stick to one day and time each week. However, each class size is limited to just 12 participants. If the class is full, please choose another time.

  • Saturdays at 10:00am, 11:15am, and 12:30pm
  • Sundays at 10:00am, 11:15am, and 12:30pm
  • Wednesdays 7:30pm

Eight Week Program:

This is an eight week progressive program that we will build upon each week.

  1. Grip and Posture
  2. How to turn
  3. Using the arms
  4. Shifting weight to gain power
  5. Putting and Chipping
  6. Full swing irons
  7. Putting and Chipping
  8. Full swing woods


  • Golf attire is a must! Please understand that Applecross Country Club is a private facility that has a dress code. Please work with us on this matter and dress appropriately.

  • No clubs are required to participate. However, if you do have clubs, bring them. If you do not have clubs, we have plenty to borrow. Please do not go out and purchase clubs for your child. We will help size them properly and advise parents on a future purchase regarding shaft length, flex and club weight. Let us help you invest your money wisely.

How do I sign up?

  1. You will need to click on the "Book Now" button to the right and set up an account with Smarter Lessons if your child does not already have one. Please set up the account in your child's name as only their name should appear on the class list and not another family member. If you have more than one child attending you must create an account for each of them.

  2. You will then be able to access the online schedule through smarter lessons and register for each class you wish to attend. You must sign up to show up! So, please make sure each student is on the list for each class they will attend as we will not permit class size to exceed the 12 student limit.

  3. Finally, if you cannot attend a class you have registered for please make sure you go online and cancel so that someone else may possibly attend.

We Need your Help:

There is no fee for this program. Girls Golf Revolution is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization that is determined to offer great programs for girls as well as make every attempt to keep our costs down. You can help support our efforts by hopefully helping us in one or more ways.

  • If you would like to donate money or time to our cause, it is always greatly appreciated.

  • We would hope that the girls and parents would possibly help in a future event.

  • Our next event is an auction at Applecross C.C. We definitely need any help we can get with prizes, setup, cleanup, etc.


Eric MacCluen would like to extend a warm Thank You to all of those who have made this new and game changing
adventure come to fruition and to all of you who continue to support our cause.


















Please click below to register for the FREE Girls Golf Revolution classes. You must sign up each student for each class you will attend!



Weekend "Travel Golf" League

Beginner/ Intermediate Multi-Format League
Ages 7-9 and 10-14

Girls Travel Golf is a great way for girls to get started playing golf in a relaxed yet competitive atmosphere. The only program of its’ kind in the region, the Travel Golf League is a fantastic opportunity for your daughter to experience “game action” in a team environment, just like they would in other sports. Playing in the league will help the girls gain confidence with their skills in order to play well on the course. We have the proven experience to transform young girls into competitive college players and beyond. In addition, this is a chance for girls to play at some great area courses in a safe and fun environment. So, whether your daughter wants to play competitive golf or just wants to have fun, this is the place for her to be.

  • Open to the First 40 Registrants
    (Don't miss out, the League fills up quickly every year!)
  • Applecross Members and non-members are welcome.
  • There are 6 matches and one Parent/Child event.
  • League matches will begin September 15th.
  • Combined Team Scramble/Individual Format
  • Player Development Practices are available on Wednesdays or Fridays at 6pm.Player practices are recommended but optional and are an additional charge.One parent may join in practices at no extra charge.
  • The October 27th date is a Parent/ Child event.
    You pick one of the two times to play with your child.

League Match Dates & Times:
Tee times will start at approximately 4:30-5:00pm on Sunday afternoons and will be determined by the host facility. Any event cancelled due to rain will be rescheduled toward the end of the season.

  • September 15th at Waltz Golf Farm, time TBD
  • September 22nd at Downingtown CC, time TBD
  • September 29th at Applecross CC, time TBD
  • October 6th at Applecross CC, time TBD
  • October 13th at Downingtown CC, time TBD
  • October 20th at Downingtown CC, time TBD
  • October 27th (Parent/ Child Event) at Waltz Golf Farm at 2pm or 3:45pm

Player Development Practice Schedule:
The player development practices are recommended but optional. You may choose to attend Wednesdays or Fridays at 6pm; (8) clinics, once per week between matches. Practices are an additional fee, but one parent may join in these practices at no extra charge.

  • Wednesdays, September 4th thru October 23rd
  • Fridays, September 6th thru October 25th

Travel Golf League & Player Development Practice Fees:
League Fee Includes: All golf fees for 6 League matches, 1 parent/ child event and a golfer's gift.

Applecross Members: $275
Non-Members: $295

+ $250 for (8) Player Development Practices (optional)

What is the mission of the program? 
Travel Golf is a stepping stone type environment where girls can develop a joy for the game in a fun and safe environment. Many girls who combine this with instruction can possibly progress enough to compete at a High School or possibly a College level.

Does this program replace instruction? 
No, this program is meant to enhance the instructional experience. It gives the girls a chance to put their skills to practice and expose them to different courses and situations. Travel golf also can show the girls areas of the game they need to improve.

How much experience is needed?
Not as much as you may think. Basic ball-striking skills are enough. This is not the LPGA Tour. It is a grooming ground for new thru experienced golfers.

Where will the events be held?
All events will be held at local golf facilities within 30 minutes of Applecross Country Club.

Why go to the different golf facilities?
This is an important part of the development of a golfer. Many parents tell us that the growth in their child’s level of skill/confidence is amazing as they learn to handle the unique challenges associated with the different courses.

How long does it take to play?
You can expect approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes to play your 9 holes once you begin. You should arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your round to check-in and warm-up.


“It is an understatement to say Eric has played a major role in my life. Not only has his encouragement and guidance influenced my character, but he has also helped me accomplish my dream of playing Division 1 golf. Eric is truly an incredible teacher with a big heart and a strong drive to impact junior golf.”

Dana Voss
University of Wisconsin


Kelli Pry
University of South Florida
2011 Pennsylvania State Amateur Champion


“There were times that I thought I would have to quit golf because I just couldn't do it anymore, but after a phone call or lesson with Eric that doubt was quickly just a passing memory. He always thinks outside the box by coming up with new drills, games, and new ways to help students learn. It’s so awesome to stand back and watch how children are drawn to him. He has a way of teaching them so that they keep coming back for more, and that's what the game of golf needs- more people like Eric MacCluen. My life changed the day that I had my first lesson with Eric when I was fifteen years old and my only regret is that I didn't get a chance to work with him when I was younger."


Kelli Pry, 2011 Pennsylvania State Amateur Champion and a 9 year student of Eric's, has taken a position at the TPC Tampa Bay in Florida. The new job gives Kelli an excellent opportunity. TPC Tampa Bay will be a great place to practice her game as she pursues her dream of playing professional golf!





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